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In modern day development in both Web and Software it's important to be able to make changes and features quickly, this has lead to a practice of continuous deployment which will work with your code repository to deploy your code as you commit your changes.

This differs to the older practice of making changes to your code and using FTP to deploy these to your server. A benefit of continuous deployment is for your testing or UAT servers, every time you make a change to the code and commit your changes you can setup your repository to automatically deploy your changes to the UAT server. This will also allow you to quickly deploy to your live server with a click of a button.

Beanstalk has recently released their new service which allows you to use your existing repositories on things like Github, BitBucket, self hosted repositories and deploy to a number of locations like FTP, SFTP, Amazon etc. Beanstalk as a service will handle both the code repository and the deployment and this new service will allow you to use another repository service to deploy your code.


Using you can setup multiple deployment environments and can setup these deployments to take place with either automatic or manual deployments. Automatic deployments are triggered whenever you push changes up to the repository, I would recommend setting up automatic deployments to development and UAT servers and never to live server. I think live servers should always be a manually deployment process.

Another good feature of using is that it will keep track of deployments you make, this means when something goes wrong you can see exactly what commit broke the site. As you keep track of each deployment it means if something does break you can quickly rollback to the previous commit and deploy this code back up to the server.

ss-deploy-timeline is free to use for on one repository, but it must be a public repository on Github or on Bitbucket.

If you want to use private repositories when deploy is going to cost you from $29 a month, which includes up to 5 repositories, unlimited deployments, to unlimited servers. This goes up depending on the amount of repositories you have.

Although this is a really good service, beanstalk pricing of this is quite strange as it is more expensive than using the Beanstalk main product which includes the deployments feature and private repository space.

Beanstalk starts off at $15 a month which allows you to store 10 repositories and deploy to up to 3 servers per repository, which is more than enough. If you are looking into using, I would just have a look at the pricing of Beanstalk and consider moving your repositories over there.


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