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A slow loading website can be the difference in a successful website and a failing website. If the visitor of the website has to wait for a long time for the page to load could mean they give up and leave your website even before seeing any of your content.

Page Load Affect On Search Engines

Search engines hardly ever release parts of their algorithm and how they work. But now Google has said that they do take the time your page takes to load into account when they are sorting your the search results. Meaning the quicker your website loads the higher up your website will appear in the search engine results.

For this Google has release an area for people to learn different techniques on how they can speed up their website.

Google Page Speed

This is why it is very important to learn ways of how to speed up your website and one of the best ways to speed up your website is to use a CDN or Content Delivery Network.

CDN - Content Delivery Network

Networking CDN stands for a content delivery network or content distribution network.

These are a series of computer servers containing the same data but are stored in various places of a network. Content Delivery Networks increases performance by being able to cache data and distribute it from various locations of a network, therefore reducing bandwidth and increasing performance.

In terms of the web, if a website uses a Content Delivery Network it would have multiple servers located around the world which can be used to distribute the content of the website. When a visitor navigates to the website the Content Delivery Network will find the nearest server and distribute the content from here.

My web hosting company is located in America, so without a Content Delivery Network all of the content on my site will come from servers located in America. If a visitors navigates to my site from outside of America it will take a longer time for the content to be delivered than if your ISP was located in America. A Content Delivery Network will make this redundant...where ever you user navigates from they will be getting local content and therefore decreasing page loading times.

It is known that a Content Delivery Network can increase website performance by up to 10x times.

You can see how important having a Content Delivery Network can be to your website.

Syslipe Content Delivery Network Service

CDN I have been offered a trial service to use the Syslipe Content Delivery Network to see how it will affect my website performance.

Syslipe will take the static content on my site such as images, CSS and Javascript files and place these in their servers to be distributed to my visitors.

Installing Syslipe Content Delivery Network

To use Syslipe for your Content Delivery is very simple. As my site is a WordPress driven website I am able to use a WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache to use the Syslipe Content Delivery Network.

First they will setup your account on their system which comes with a login to your user account to setup the Content Delivery.

  1. First install the plugin W3 Total Cache on your WordPress website.
  2. Now the plugin is installed go to the performance tab in your WordPress Admin dashboard.
  3. Click on the general settings tab.
  4. Navigate to the CDN option and enable this feature.
  5. The type of CDN we need to select is Generic Mirror.
  6. This sets up the CDN on your WordPress site we now need to configure with Syslipe CND.
  7. Go to the option Performance, and in the submenu, we select CDN.
  8. Navigate to the Configuration tab and select Auto (determine connection type automatically) for SSL support.
  9. Enter your Syslipe hostname found in your user account of the Syslipe website.
  10. Click Test Mirror to sure you can connect to the Syslipe CDN.
  11. That's it empty the cache of your website, go to a page with an image on it and check the URL of the image. It should now be coming from the CDN.

Testing The Performance

Before I starting using the Syslipe CDN I decided to note the performance of the website so I will be able to compare when using the CDN and hopefully see an improvement in the performance.

Page Loading Times

I found a website called Pingdom that would record your page loading times for you. I ran this test before and after installing the CDN and here are the results.

Without Syslipe CDN Service Installed

Without CDN

As you can see from the above image the amount of requests from the website and the amount of time it took to load.

Before installing the Content Delivery Network the website took 5.8 seconds to load. This is not a slow speed as the website is relatively light.

With Syslipe CDN Service Installed

CDN After

After installing the Content Delivery Network you can see that the page loading times have come down from 5.8 seconds to 1.51 seconds this is a massive improvement.

The above images are perfect to compare what the Syslipe Content Delivery Network can offer. They show the amount of requests, loading times, page size and where the server was located.

The amount of requests are exactly the same. The page sizes are very similar the main difference in the location of the server. My ISP is based in the UK so from the Content Delivery Network structure we need to use a server located near the UK.

The first image was getting data from a server in New York and took 5.8 seconds and the second image was taken with the Content Delivery Network installed, this was using a server based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and took only 1.51 seconds.

This shows that the Content Delivery Network structure of getting the content from a local server will deliver the content much quicker that before.

Syslipe Content Delivery Network Service

Syslipe offer 3 types of CDN services.

  • Lite - $49 a month
  • Pro - $99 a month
  • Enterprise - $199 a month

For further information on there pricing models view on their website.



From the data given above and the two image showing how the performance compares using CDN and without CDN it proves how useful having a CDN can be to your website. Having a faster website is likely to reduce your visitor bounce rate and increase you website position in the search engines.

Open your own account with Syslipse and see how it will help improve your website.

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