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Cloud Computing for Web Developers

Cloud Before we actually indulge into the significance of Cloud Computing for Web Development, let us first try to understand what is "Cloud Computing" all about. You may have heard the terminology being mentioned among many friends, in forums, and also may have read many articles related to the same. This post may not be anything new than those if you already know, but all you bloggers who have come across the term and are yet to understand the concept, keep reading. What is Cloud Computing - There are already numerous definitions of the term and according to Wikipedia it is "Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid." In simple terms, imagine where all your computers, mobile devices and tablets being in sync all the time. Imagine a perfect world where you have access to all your personal information via any resources at any time. How would it be possible to share all this data like photos, movies, applications etc with family and friends in one instant? This is what Cloud Computing has made possible. It actually means that applications are made possible through the use of various virtual computers available online in-stead of the local computers or web servers. All of a sudden, web developers will have access to all the applications and data hosted on cloud servers, and will also have the ability to host their applications and at the same time utilize all cloud enabled components for their web development. This means unlimited sources of data and applications from across the world made available at lightening speed by use of virtual servers. Major players in Cloud Services - Who else can you expect but for Google to come up with their Cloud based App Engine which allows developers to logon to the servers at Google to build their applications and also host their web applications. This has resulted in drastically minimizing the time required to build and host the web apps locally and then submit the whole code base to Google which will in turn go through the quality inspections of security upgrades and patches being undertaken by the web development team. All this is done by Google on their servers and kept up-to-date for any sized development team to come and start their project. Google also scales the usage of your app whether it maybe for a limited number of users or a million users worldwide. Not only that, this App Engine is FREE to sign up for any web developer and use at his own whims and fancies. Codeita (LAMP based code editor) - LAMP is an acronym that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Codeita is a cloud-based development platform which allows developers to do design, coding and publishing using all the four technologies. The major features of Codeita includes - - Auto-highlighting code editor

  • In-browser page content editing
  • Advanced svg image editor
  • Project specific, task management
  • Flexible cloud storage
  • In-browser FTP publishing

    Like Google, Codeita is also free to use and provides developers with 100MB of space for starters and access to the FTP server to upload and maintain images and files. You can also create images on the spot and also share them with other developers using the Codeita cloud service. AWS Cloud Service - Amazon Web services is one of the leading players in the cloud computing services in today's world. It is basically a collection of remote computing services that together make up the cloud computing platform, offered over the internet by Amazon. AWS provides online services for other web sites or client applications without actually exposing them directly to the end users but at the same time allowing them to use these functionalities over the web. Some of the major cloud services include the Amazon CloudFront for content delivery, Amazon Fulfillment services for eCommerce, Amazon S3 for storage and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud for networking. Like all others, AWS is also free to use and developers are given an Access Identifier which is used to make web service requests from AWS. Cloud Computing is here to stay, and as developers become more aware of the immense potential, every other company will start hosting similar services to capture the market segment. Apple's iPad is an excellent example of a smart device using Cloud-based application services heavily. Whether you realize it or not, you're probably already using cloud-based services. Pretty much everyone with a computer has been. Gmail and Google Docs are two prime examples; we just don't think of those services in those terms. ##### This is a guest post written by Praveen Rajarao

    About Praveen Rajarao - Praveen Rajarao blogs on his website – His topics range from life to blogging to technology and how-to guides. Daily Morning Coffee is also accepting Guest Posts from Professional Bloggers at this time.

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