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Change Footer Text WordPress Admin Area

If you are doing client work on a Wordpress theme then it's good to try and put your brand in as many places as you can without affecting the design of the website. The Wordpress dashboard is an ideal place for brands as it will most likely be your client that can see the message. If you have your branding at the bottom it may remind them to come back to you for future work. By default the Wordpress dashboard area has the text

Thank you for creating with WordPress. • Documentation • Freedoms • Feedback • CreditsVersion 3.2.1

Using the following code snippet you can change this to what ever you want. Copy the following in your functions.php page to change this text.

function change_footer_admin () {  
  echo 'Theme made by <a href="">Paulund</a>. Powered by <a href="">WordPress</a>';  

add_filter('admin_footer_text', 'change_footer_admin'); 

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