6 Lessons To Learn And Code

WordPress REST API Authentication

February 25

In this tutorial, we're going to investigate authentication with the WordPress REST API. By default, the WordPress REST API has some open endpoints and some cookie authentication endpoints. The main...

Modify WordPress REST Endpoint Response

January 29

When working with the WordPress REST API you can get all the information back you need for a specific post. This data will consist of all the standard information such...

Create Your Own WordPress Rest Endpoints

January 25

As the REST API is still relatively new there might be some endpoints that don't currently exist such as getting the post archives where you would normally use the function...

Get Posts Between Certain Dates WordPress REST API

January 23

When building your WordPress theme using the REST API one of the pages you might want to correct is the Post archives page that displays all the posts for a...

Only Allow Access To REST To Logged In Users

January 17

The WordPress REST API is a very exciting feature of WordPress, it was introduced into the core in version 4.7 and is getting a lot of attention from the developers...


WordPress REST API

January 11

WordPress is the most popular CMS used on the internet and has been for some time. Because of popularity and being open source software there are 100s/1000s of people looking...