Plugin Development

50 Lessons To Learn And Code

Create A Welcome Page For Your WordPress Plugin

February 12

Whenever you install WordPress or upgrade WordPress you get a nice welcome page that shows you some of the features that you've just installed. Some big WordPress plugins do the...


Cleaning Up After Your Plugin

January 2

In this tutorial we're going to look into how you can clean up after your WordPress plugin when it's deactivated or uninstalled. This is an area of plugin development that...

How To Use Page Templates In A Plugin

September 20

In this tutorial we're going to investigate how you can override a theme template files from your WordPress plugins. For this we're going to be using two filters: theme_page_templates template_include...


One Plugin Vs Lots Of Smaller Plugins

May 23

Yesterday I asked this question on Twitter and was quite interesting to see the response to the question so I wanted to post it on here and open the discussion...

Using Composer With WordPress

May 21

In this tutorial we're going to investigate using composer as the dependency manager for WordPress. What Is Composer? Composer is a dependency manager for PHP which allows you to easily...

Run Code For Multisite On Plugin Activation

May 3

When you're developing a new plugin you may need to run some code on the activation of the plugin. For example if your plugin requires a database table to be...


How To Create A Custom Geotag Field On Formidable

March 11

In this tutorial we're going to use the Formidable plugin and create a new field type that will use HTML5 geolocation to get the current user location, once we get...

Dequeue Styles and Scripts In WordPress

February 27

When developing on WordPress one of the first things you need to learn about is how to add Javascript and Stylesheets to your page correctly. If you're new to WordPress...

Restrict Content Pro Stats WordPress Dashboard Widget

February 16

If you use Restrict Content Pro on your WordPress membership site then you most likely find yourself logging in regularly to check the stats on your site. One of the...

Back To Top WordPress Plugin

February 7

In a previous tutorial I wrote about how you can use jQuery to create a Scroll back to top button. jQuery Back To Top In this tutorial we are going...


Get A WordPress Plugin File Path Or URL

January 30

In this code snippet we are going to look into how you get a full path of a plugin file. When you are developing a plugin you can store multiple...

Using Namespacing And Autoloaders In WordPress Plugins

February 17

One thing I have been experimenting with recently is adding namespacing and autoloaders to new WordPress plugins. What Are PHP Namespaces PHP namespaces was introduced in version 5.3. Namespaces is...


Override Theme Template In Plugin

October 28

In this tutorial we are going to look at how you can override a theme template file from within a plugin. When WordPress displays a piece of content it selects...


Using AJAX In WordPress

August 25

In the following tutorial we are going to learn how you can use AJAX in WordPress to run your own functions. The way this works in WordPress is by allowing...

Get A List Of Registered Actions In WordPress

August 11

WordPress actions and filters is an event driven architecture that allow you to run specific code at certain times in your application. To do this WordPress uses two functions the...


Change Language Locale From WordPress Plugin

August 8

WordPress has the ability to be fully translated, this can be done in both themes and plugins. Translation Files To get WordPress to translate all of the text it uses...


Debugging In WordPress

August 4

Debugging your website is very important for any project, you will need to be able to debug your site in all the difference environments from local to live. But depending...


Uninstall Hook For WordPress Plugin

May 13

When a user deletes your WordPress plugin it might be necessary that you do some processing for cleaning up the WordPress site. This is because a WordPress plugin can be...


Remove Query String From Stylesheets In WordPress

April 21

A website owner should always be trying to improve the speed of their website as much as possible. In WordPress there are many things you can do to help improve...


Force WordPress To Check For Plugin Updates

March 24

A good feature of WordPress is the ability to automatically update plugins and themes with just a click of a button. On other CMS's when a new version of a...


How To Rewrite URLs In WordPress

March 20

In this tutorial we are going to look at how you can use the built in WordPress rewriting API to create your own unique links for your website. WordPress will...


Display Post Meta Box On Specific Page Templates

March 17

In WordPress you have the ability to create different post types to hold different content, along with the create different post types you can also add new content fields attached...

Debug WordPress Cron Jobs

February 19

In WordPress you can setup scheduled tasks that allow you to run a certain action at a scheduled time in the day. As this runs a set action you can...


Add Button To Editor For All Shortcodes

February 5

WordPress shortcodes was introduced in WordPress version 2.5 and is a great way of adding full flexibility and control of certain functionality to the editor of your WordPress CMS. The...

Override Sidebars Per Page In WordPress

November 11

In WordPress development you define what sidebars can be used on your theme, these sidebars will then appear on the widget dashboard screen where you can assign all the widgets...


WordPress Dropins

September 25

To extend the functionality of WordPress most people have only heard of the use of plugins. Not many people have heard of the term Dropins. WordPress has it's core functionality...


CRUD Queries For WordPress Custom Tables

September 24

In a previous tutorial we learnt about how you can create your own custom tables in WordPress, this went over the basics of how to use the dbDelta() function to...


Get Database Table Prefix In WordPress

September 21

If you are using WordPress multisite then depending on what blog you are using the database table prefix will be different. By default the WordPress database table prefix is wp_,...

Create Custom Tables In WordPress

September 12

If you are creating your own WordPress plugin you may want to store data inside the WordPress database. There are a few options that you can use for this, you...


Have Always Installed WordPress Plugins

June 19

When you are doing client work and hand over the website for them to use, you would normally give them an administrator account so they have full access to make...


Get Current Plugin URL

June 17

During WordPress plugin development you will need to include any Javascript or CSS files used by plugin inside the plugin folder, this means that it can be used exactly the...


Create A Sharrre WordPress Plugin

June 14

A couple of months ago I wrote a tutorial about how you can use a jQuery plugin Sharrre to create your own custom share buttons for your website. This tutorial...


Remove Plugins From Plugin Screen

May 21

If you are creating a WordPress site for a client you could install a load of useful plugins for them, only for them to go in deactivate the plugin and...


Useful WordPress Utility Functions

February 18

In this article we are going to look at some of the utility functions that you can take advantage of if your website is built using WordPress. If you have...

Alert Theme Users To Required Plugins

February 6

One of things that I've said about premium WordPress themes before is the amount of features that are included in the theme options panel page. Most of these theme options...


Stop Loading Stylesheets And Javascript In WordPress

January 21

In a previous post I wrote about how you can add stylesheets and Javascript files to WordPress correctly by using the wp_enqueue_style() function. By using this function you can make...


Introduce Your Plugin With WordPress Pointers

January 16

In version 3.3 WordPress released a new feature called pointers. These are little pop-up notification boxes which you can use to point to new information on your WordPress admin area....


Data Validation With WordPress

December 18

When building any sort of web application you need to have a focus on security, one area of security that is a must is data validation. Data in your web...


Handling WordPress User Roles

November 28

Wordpress comes with an inbuilt user manager to allow you to have full flexibility on the users of your WordPress site. The security system it uses has users, roles and...


Add Date Picker To WordPress Admin

October 16

In a previous article you would of learnt how to add default third party applications on your WordPress site. Here is a list of all the default scripts you can...


Add Colour Picker To WordPress Admin

October 15

In a previous tutorial you would of learnt how you can create your own theme options page using the Settings API. You might of also seen the tutorial about default...


Default Scripts To Use In WordPress Development

September 11

There are a number of different default stylesheets and Javascript files which comes with your core WordPress install. These can be used at any time in your WordPress plugin or...


How To Cache Queries In WordPress

August 17

One of the best things about the WordPress CMS is the power of it's built in APIs, there are multiple APIs which make it so easy for you to get...


Add Image To Your Plugin On

August 15

If you have a look at some of the biggest plugins on the WordPress repository you will see that all of them have a banner image at the top of...


WordPress File Header Comments

June 25

The best thing about WordPress is that everything it does is extensible, this means that developers can do anything they want by building on top of the WordPress framework. When...


Create A WordPress Plugin To Add A Pin Button To Every Image

June 20

Pinterest is the newest big player in the social media world, they have quickly grown to several million users, in the last year the amount of users has grown more...


Run Function After WordPress Plugin Activation

May 29

When you are creating a WordPress plugin there are some things you may need to do when the users activate a plugin. For example if you need to setup a...


Create Cron Jobs In WordPress

May 25

A cron job allows you to automatically set a function to run at a set time or interval. WordPress comes with an in-built function wp_schedule_event(). WordPress Schedule Event The function...


Add Additional Links To The WordPress Plugin Admin

May 15

Here is a useful snippet submitted by SHelfinger.EU. When you activate a plugin in WordPress the author can place links in the plugin dashboard screen to show the users of...


Display The Number of Database Queries In WordPress

May 14

When you are preforming maintenance on a WordPress blog one of things you need to check for is the speed of your WordPress database. You need to make sure that...