9 Lessons To Learn And Code

How To Disable Auto WordPress Responsive Images

January 21

As of 4.4 WordPress will automatically add the srcset attribute to the images in your content. The srcset attribute allows you to define different images to use at different viewport...

Get WordPress Image ID By URL

March 22

In a recent project I needed to automatically assign a image to a post from a URL. This situation happened where I had a library of image URLs which on...


How To Use WordPress Thickbox To Create A Gallery

July 21

WordPress comes with an inbuilt Javascript library which allows you to easily show pop-up dialog boxes on your WordPress site. This Javascript library is called Thickbox, which is a lightweight...


Add Custom Image Sizes Into Media Library

February 13

In a previous code snippet we found about how you can define new custom images sizes to use on your WordPress theme. This will use the WordPress built in function...


Remove Width And Height Attributes From Images

November 13

Whenever you upload an image using the WordPress media library and add this image to your post, WordPress will automatically add the image Width and Height attribute in the image...


Remove Default WordPress Image Sizes

July 13

When you upload an image to WordPress by default it will be converted to three different sizes. Thumbnail Medium Size Large Size If you don't want your users to use...


Change WordPress Upload Mime Types

June 12

In the current WordPress install you are allowed to upload the following file types. You are only able to upload one of the following types. If the file you are...


Create Custom Image Sizes In WordPress

May 19

When you upload an image to WordPress it will automatically convert the same Image to multiple sizes while still keep the best quality. The default image sizes are setup on...


Stop WordPress Compressing JPEG Images

April 28

Whenever you upload an image to WordPress media library it will automatically compress your images to 90% quality, this is to size a bit of bandwidth on displaying images on...