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37 Lessons To Learn And Code

Set WordPress Posts To Private By Default

December 8

The following code snippet will allow you to set all your posts to private as default. We do this by using the action post_submitbox_misc_actions and inserting jQuery into the page...

Change Sortable Columns In WordPress

January 23

In a previous tutorial we saw how you can recreate the All Posts table in the WordPress admin area by using the WP_List class in WordPress. It talks about creating...


Taxonomy Page Parent Menu Collapsed

January 19

WordPress allows you to create your own menus in the admin area, to do this you can use the function add_menu_page(). When this menu item is in place you are...


Display A Category Checklist In WordPress

January 12

When you have a category hierarchy setup on your WordPress site you will be displayed with a list of checkboxes with parent/child indents on the edit post screen. This will...


Login To WordPress With Email Address

November 25

By default WordPress will assign unique usernames to all users registered on the website. As they are unique there could be a possibility that the username the user wants to...


Improving WordPress Shortcode Usability

November 3

In this tutorial we are going to talk about WordPress shortcodes and what I think is the missing piece with shortcodes in WordPress. First I'll start by saying I really...


Register New Post Statuses In WordPress

October 6

WordPress posts allow you to have some form of workflow when editing your posts. This is done by assigning a post status for each stage of the WordPress posts. By...


Add Custom User Fields To User Profile Page

August 20

In a previous article I explained how you can modify the contact information on the WordPress User profile page, but what if you want to know more custom information from...


Modify User Contact Fields In WordPress

August 18

With WordPress each user has their own profile records, within these profile there are multiple feeds that can be populated by the user to give you more information about them...


WordPress Menu Item Icons

May 27

In WordPress 3.8 the core had a change to all icons, they now use Dashicons which are fonts that mean you can display an icon by simply adding a CSS...


Set Default Visibility To Password Protected

May 26

In a recent project I had to make a certain post type to be password protected by default. Making posts password protected is default functionality that is built into WordPress...

Add Custom User Profile Fields In WordPress

April 2

When you are working on projects that need a lot of user management then you can get to the point where you need to add additional information to the users...


Change Default WordPress Emails

March 10

One of the best things about WordPress development is that not only can you use it as a CMS but as an application framework, it comes with a huge selection...

How To Create WordPress Admin Tables Using WP_List_Table

December 12

WordPress it's not only a CMS it can be used as an application Framework, when it's being used as a framework you will find yourself adding custom data to your...


WordPress Multisite With Nested Folder Paths

October 15

When you setup a new site with WordPress multisite you have the option to create your site as sub domains or into sub folders. Or using sub-folders...


Setup A WordPress Multisite

October 3

One of the best things about using WordPress is the multisite feature. This was introduced in WordPress version 3.0 and gives you ability to create a network of sites on...


Multiple Users With WordPress Multisite

September 30

When you are using the WordPress multisite it's very easy to create a new site and straight away start using it just like your other WordPress sites. In WordPress when...


Remove Column On Pages Table In WordPress

August 28

When you install some plugins they may add additional columns to the posts and pages table. Just like the Yoast SEO plugin, it's a great plugin but I don't need...

Add Custom Post Meta Data To Post List Table

April 8

One of the best thing about WordPress is that you can customise almost anything. In the admin area you can see a list of all the posts you have added...


Add A New Color Picker To WordPress

April 3

In version 3.5 WordPress changed a lot of features, they improved the design of many of the existing features. One of the changes was the new color picker, changing from...


Adding A Help Tab To WordPress

March 4

If you are new to WordPress then you might be used to visiting the help tab in the top right corner of the page. This is a tab that can...

Create Your Own WordPress Login Page

February 25

In WordPress you can create your own users and user roles, you can even do this programmatically which means that you can create a register form so that visitors to...


Set Remember Me To Be Always Checked

January 10

The WordPress login page has a checkbox that allows you to always be remembered when you login to WordPress. If you check this box and login successfully to WordPress a...


Enable Additional Buttons On Visual Editor

October 17

The default text editor in WordPress is TinyMce, with this you get lots of additional features. It allows your content authors to change anything they want with the content they...


Add Colour Picker To WordPress Admin

October 15

In a previous tutorial you would of learnt how you can create your own theme options page using the Settings API. You might of also seen the tutorial about default...


Increase WordPress Memory Limit

October 10

A common error you can come across in WordPress is a PHP memory limit error. This happens when WordPress doesn't have enough memory to achieve what you want. It can...


Set Minimum Word Count On Posts

September 23

Since Google Penguin has been released there is more of need to create pages which are full of content. What this means for blogs is that no longer can you...


Change Posts Labels In WordPress

September 21

Now that WordPress has all the capabilities you need from a CMS, many people say that they want WordPress to stop acting like a blog platform and more like a...

Add New Menu Items To WordPress Admin

September 7

If you are a plugin or theme developer then you will get to the stage where you need to add a link to your plugin or theme settings page in...


Create Favourite Tweets WordPress Dashboard Widget

July 27

Twitter is a great tool to quickly network with people that have similar interests as you. If your a blogger it is also a get place to get ideas for...


How To Remove WordPress Post Meta Boxes

July 7

On the WordPress post screen there are a number of meta boxes which give you options to attach to the post. For example you can change: Categories Tags Featured Images...


How To Customise The WordPress Login Page

May 28

In this tutorial we are going to look at the WordPress login page, with WordPress you can customise anything you want and this includes the built in WordPress login page....


Automatically Set Post Featured Image

May 22

A post featured image was introduced in WordPress version 2.9, it is a thumbnail that can be set to the post as a featured image of your post. It will...


Change The Enter Title Text For Custom Post Types

May 17

Since discovering WordPress custom post types I've always wanted to customise the WordPress dashboard area. Your able to do this to a certain level by using labels on your custom...


How To Check If In WordPress Admin Area

April 27

When creating WordPress plugins and themes, I find that a lot of the time you need to do something in the admin area only. For example you might want to...


Change Footer Text WordPress Admin Area

November 17

If you are doing client work on a WordPress theme then it's good to try and put your brand in as many places as you can without affecting the design...


How To Remove WordPress Dashboard Widgets

November 13

On the WordPress dashboard you get to see lots of information about your current WordPress site. You get things like: