Web Development

23 Lessons To Learn And Code


My Development Setup

October 17

Like any profession a developers tools are important, they help us be more productive. When speaking to any developer you always have the tools and setup debate, what computer you...


Vagrant Up Bash Alias

October 5

Here is a quick tip to improve your workflow as a developer working with Vagrant. During my day-to-day job I use Vagrant with Homestead all the time, it allows me...


Organising Your Hosts File

February 5

If you're freelancer or work for a large company you could find yourself with a large and sometimes out of control /etc/hosts file. I can have about 50 sites on...

Hotlink Protection On Nginx

September 30

I recently created a WordPress plugin called Redirection Manager which will keep track of all 404s on your website and log the URL and the referrer of the link. In...

Fixing Analytics Leverage Browser Caching

September 26

If you've read my previous articles you would of seen a post from last month about trying to reach the 100/100 on Google's pagespeed tool. This doesn't necessarily improve your...


Attempt At Scoring 100 On Google PageSpeed

August 2

With PageSpeed being so important to Google and other search engines they have created a nice tool to judge the speed and optimization of your website by using Google PageSpeed...


Development Workflow With Vagrant

July 19

In this tutorial we're going to look into using Vagrant and why we should include this in our development workflow. What Is Vagrant Vagrant allows you to build and configure...


How To Install Bower on Ubuntu

July 1

In this tutorial we're going to be installing Bower onto Ubuntu. Bower is a package manager for front-end libraries, similar to that of composer. It runs on Node.js and uses...


List All Containers On Docker

June 19

Docker is a piece of software that allows you to run a complete filesystem in it's own environment like a virtual machine buy by using containers to wrap up the...


Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

December 7

Since Google announced that they were going to start using HTTPS as part of their ranking you would of seen a vast amount of websites switching to use HTTPS instead...

Viewing Localhost Site On A Mobile Device

October 6

In modern web development it's very important that your website is functional on mobile devices. There are a few options that you can use when testing how your website works...


Get Last Record In Each MySQL Group

August 26

In this tutorial we will look at how you can use MySQL at getting the last record in a Group By of records. For example if you have this result...


Stop Search Engines From Indexing A Page

December 9

There can be times where you have a page in Search Engines that you don't want indexed or are creating a new page and don't want this one page to...


Redirect A Folder To A Subdomain

December 4

I've recently had to migrate a website which needed to switch a URL from www.example.com/blog/ to be on a sub-domain to http://blog.example.com/. When you do a site migration like this...


Import And Export A Database Using Command Line

July 16

The following code snippets will allow you to import and export a large database using SSH commands. To get SSH access to your hosts server you will need to contact...


Use htaccess To Redirect Custom Error Pages

July 14

When your website server sends a HTTP error status code it will display some default pages which do not look good on your site and don't look professional. The best...


Blacklist IP Addresses With htaccess

February 17

Here is a good snippet to add to your htaccess file to completely block spammers from your site. If you have a WordPress site you could get a lot of...


Reduce Comment Spam With htaccess

December 19

Comment spam is a problem with many blogs, one of the biggest is spam bots crawling sites and automatically submitting comments to your site. The below code snippet will check...


Prevent Hotlink Images With htaccess

November 19

There is a way you can prevent people hotlinking the images on your website just by adding bits of code in your htaccess.


Using htaccess To Force Trailing Slash

November 15

You can use htaccess to change the URL structure of your website. There are lots of things you can do with htaccess one of the most common things would be...


Set Expire Headers In htaccess

November 5

A way that Browsers try to help speed up rendering the page is by taking static data and cache it. These are things like images, CSS and JavaScript files. As...


Force non-www With htaccess

September 7

In a earlier article I mentioned how to add the www. to your domain if users come through to your domain without it. Now I will explain how you can...


Force www With htaccess

June 17

For SEO it is important to use a set standard of how you present your domain. The most popular approach is to use the sub-domain www. Many people don't know...