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How To Install xdebug on PHP 7.1

Xdebug is a very useful tool when it comes to PHP development, it's a PHP extension that allows you to profile and debug your PHP code. It even allows you...

April 22

Preserve Variables Between Unit Tests

Although not strictly unit testing but more functional testing I've been in the situation where I've had to perform automated tests of database interactions. This could be by using a...

December 9

Dependency Injection With Test Driven Development

With unit tests you can check that your code behaviours just as you expect it to. When writing your unit tests you shouldn't need to worry about if any other...

March 13

Test Driven Development With PHP

In a previous post I wrote about the benefits of using Test Driven Development in your application development process. This can be used in all types of development from software...

February 20

Test Driven Development

In this post we will be investigating what is test driven development and how we can use it to improve our development process. What Is Test Driven Development? Test driven...

February 11