17 Lessons To Learn And Code


Javascript Copy and Paste

October 10

In a previous tutorial we saw how you can create a copy and paste button using jQuery and the ZeroClipboard flash extension. The problem with this is that it requires...


Moving To Javascript Development

October 3

Over the last couple of years there's been a growing trend in web development, this is the moving away from traditional back-end development and more to front-end development using Javascript....


Javascript Check For Daylight Saving

September 17

Trying to work out the correct DateTime offset of a visitor can be tricky, the easiest way of doing this would be with JavaScript. You can find out the visitors...

Back To Top Pure JavaScript

August 29

A popular trend you see on many websites is the back to top button, where the user will click this button to automatically scroll back to the top of the...


How To Capitalize The First Letter Of A String In JavaScript

April 6

Here is a quick code snippet for the JavaScript version of ucfirst. This code snippet will allow you to capitalize the first letter of a string using JavaScript. This code...


Fixed Width Sortable Tables Row With jQueryUI

April 15

When you use jQuery UI sortable function on a table I've noticed that it will collapse the width of the row you're dragging which can lead to a strange user...


Checking Media Queries With Javascript

June 6

With the web being used on so many different devices now it's very important that you can change your design to fit on different screen sizes. The best way of...


Make JW Player Responsive

May 28

The following article will show a code snippet of how you can use the third party application JWplayer on your website to display videos and an easy way of how...


Re-render Prism.js On New Code

October 14

I recently switched to use a new syntax highlighter called Prism.js, unlike other highlighters Prism.js is extremely lightweight by default and you can append additional add-ons to library for more...


Disable Scroll Wheel Zoom On Google Maps

May 1

When you are using the Google map API on your website it will override the the scroll mouse event and act as the zoom on the maps. This feature makes...


Detect IPhone, IPad or IPod

May 18

With mobile devices becoming more and more popular there will be times when you need to do something different for users coming to your site from one of these mobile...


How To Display A Message If Javascript Is Turned Off

January 6

Having an accessible website is very important it means that you are not neglecting any potential customers coming on to your site and being able to use it correctly. But...


How To Check Number Is Odd Or Even

January 5

Here is a quick little snippet which can prove to be quite useful. This snippet will check to see if a number is odd or even.


Get Url Sections In Javascript

January 5

Even though most of the time to get information from the page URL you will use the server side programming language, you can actually use Javascript to get the different...


How To Make Random Hex Colour In Javascript

December 12

In this tutorial you will learn how to create random colours using Javascript. To create a random colour in Javascript it is a simple function.


Regular Expression To Validate Email Address

June 30

The follow snippet is a function I use to validate email addresses. It is a very simple function which uses a regular expression pattern match to test if a email...


Javascript isNumeric Function

February 17

When working with user inputs in web pages it is important that you validate all the inputs, this is so you can check that what the user is entering is...