11 Lessons To Learn And Code


HTML5 Download Attribute

September 5

In this tutorial we are going to look into another HTML5 feature with the download attribute. The download attribute is a way of telling the browser that to download the...


Social Sharing Links

December 11

All the major social networks have their own sharing buttons, these make it really easy for visitors on your website to share the page without leaving the website. These are...

How To Get Breadcrumbs In Search Results

November 26

If you are ranking well in the search engines but still aren't seeing the amount of traffic you should be from the search results then you need to think about...


Speed Up HTML Coding With Emmet

July 19

Web Developers are always looking for new ways to speed up their development process, one the best ways to speed up development and becoming more productive is to choose the...


Add Twitter Cards To Your Website

May 8

When you share a post on a social network like Facebook it will scan the URL that you are sharing and return certain information to display the page in your...


Understanding The Viewport Meta Tag

November 12

When working on a new web design one of things you need to think about is responsive design. Is the website you are about to make going to need a...


How To Use The HTML5 Notification API

August 27

HTML5 isn't something new, everyone has heard about it but there are some features with HTML5 that people don't know about. Most people think that all HTML5 is are new...


Block Pinterest Users From Pinning Your Images

April 22

Pinterest is the newest big thing in the Social media world, this site is an image sharing social network. It allows it's users to pin any image on any website...

How To Use HTML5 GeoLocation API With Google Maps

February 24

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use the Geolocation API to get your current latitude and longitude, from these results we can then connect to the...


Turn On HTML5 In IE8 or Lower

February 8

HTML5 is becoming more and more popular, with this has some issues. If you want to support some of the older browsers which are still being used such as IE8...


How To Use Your Gravatar as Favicon

December 14

What is Favicon A favicon (short for ‘favorites icon’), are little icons associated with a particular website shown next to the site’s name in the URL bar of most browsers....