52 Lessons To Learn And Code

Change WordPress Default Email From Name

September 18

If you send emails from your WordPress site using the wp_mail() function you might of noticed that the email address and the email name is not being sent as you...

Migrating WordPress Database To A New Server

November 24

When you are developing any website you will always have different environments for your website, the number of environments you need will depend on the size of the project and...


Change WordPress Email Content Types To HTML

October 3

All emails in WordPress are sent using the function wp_mail, the default content type for these email are in text/plain, which does not allow HTML to be placed in your...


Register Hidden Fields On Ninja Forms

May 20

When you are building a website, one of the most important areas of your site are forms, allowing you to capture data about your audience it can help you know...

Multi Environment WordPress wp-config.php

May 16

When you are developing any website you will always have different environments for your website, the number of environments you need will depend on the size of the project and...


Twitter Stream WordPress Widget

December 3

In a previous article last year I wrote a tutorial about how to Create WordPress Widget To Display Twitter Updates, since then I have learnt a lot more about WordPress...


How To Create A Theme Options Page For WordPress

September 17

If you have ever used a WordPress premium theme then you would have seen the custom theme options page that are available. The theme options page that is found under...


WordPress Web Hosting

July 30

If you follow Paulund on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ then you would probably know that recently I’ve been researching about new web hosting companies. Up until now Paulund has been...


Creating WordPress Custom Page Templates

May 16

In WordPress you start off with 2 default types of posts you have the standard posts and you also have pages. For these types of posts WordPress will use different...


Change The Amount Of WordPress Post Revisions Stored

May 15

WordPress has a autosave feature which will automatically save a revision of your post as you are typing. But the problem with this comes when you have a WordPress blog...


Creating WordPress Shortcodes For Envato Marketplace API

May 14

If your a regular reader here then you will know every month I display a list of Free items that you can get from the Envato marketplace. The Envato marketplace...


Automatically Create Meta Description From Content

May 10

Meta description tags are still very much used by search engines, they provide the default text to be displayed in the search results. The Meta description tags should have relevant...


How To Create A Pinterest Scroll To Top Button WordPress Plugin

May 9

In a previous tutorial you would of learnt how you can use jQuery to create a scroll to top button on your website so when you click the button it...


Display Text To Only Logged In WordPress Users

May 8

You can use this to post advice or reminders to logged in users when they need to perform different tasks. All you have to do is add the following anywhere...


Display Email Addresses In WordPress

May 4

There are loads of spam bots crawling the web looking for people who display their email address on web page without encoding it. Spam bots will crawl your pages exactly...


Controlling The WordPress Toolbar

April 30

The WordPress Toolbar was introduced in WordPress 3.3 and replaces the WordPress admin bar which was introduced in 3.1. The purpose of the toolbar was to give logged in users...


Change WordPress Autosave Settings

April 27

Wordpress has a very useful feature which will automatically save your current draft every 30 seconds, as you type and you will not even notice. What many people don't know...


Remove WordPress Read More Link

April 26

When you use the WordPress the_content() function inside the post loop it allows you to display the entire content of the post. If your content has a html comment of...


Redirect WordPress Searches

April 24

WordPress comes with it's own in-built search functionality which can search the title and content of all your posts on your WordPress site. To perform a search on your WordPress...


How To Display Author Bio With WordPress

April 23

WordPress is a CMS that allows your website to work with multiple authors. When your website has multiple authors it's good to have the author bio at the end of...


Limit WordPress Search To Post Titles

April 19

By Default wordpress search functionality will search the entire content of the WordPress post. What if you don't want WordPress to search the entire content of the post, you can...


How To Create A Google Plus Badge WordPress Widget

April 18

Google+ is now the third biggest social network behind Facebook and Twitter, this means more and more people are starting to use the network more. If you are using Google+...


Set WordPress Default Text Editor

April 17

When using the WordPress text editor you can choose if you want to write your posts in either the visual text editor or the HTML text editor. By default this...


11 Steps To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

April 16

In this tutorial we are going to cover what changes help change your website from being a slow low ranking site to a race horse. Lately Google has been making...


Add Custom Fields To RSS Feed

April 15

WordPress has the ability to add custom fields to any post, these fields allow you to store extra data about the post without it having to go into the content....


Add a WordPress Menu To Your WordPress Toolbar

April 15

This WordPress snippet will add a WordPress Menu on the WordPress Toolbar. This uses the admin_bar_menu which will run when the admin bar is created. This action calls the function...


Enable Shortcodes In Widgets

April 13

WordPress shortcodes are great, they allow you to run bits of PHP code from within the text editor by using tags like [ button ] to display a button1. But...


Display Full TinyMCE Editor In WordPress

April 12

The WordPress text editor uses TinyMCE to allow you to change the style of the text you write. This allows people who don't know much HTML or CSS to change...


WordPress Query Arguements

April 11

The WordPress WP_Query functions allows you to pass in an array of parameters to search your posts on your blog. You can pass in multiple different parameters to narrow down...


Remove WordPress Meta Tags

April 7

By default WordPress will add meta information into the head tag of your website. This meta information can provide your visitors with lots of different information about your WordPress site...


Include WordPress Template Files In Your Theme

April 1

It's common practice in PHP development to use template files to include in your web pages. WordPress comes with in-built functions to include certain files in your theme: get_header() -...


RSS Feed Content Only WordPress Shortcode

March 30

The RSS feed is a very important tool for any blogger, it allows people to always stay up to date with your latest posts on your blog. The RSS feed...


PHP Function To Convert Hex To RGB

March 27

If you are working on a web app that does things with colours then you could find it useful to have function to convert between different colour types. Here is...


Add Missing Alt Tags To WordPress Images

March 25

Images are important for engagement with your visitors but the problem with images is that they mean nothing to search engines. The only way search engines can tell what an...


Cache WordPress Query Strings Using Transient API

March 19

In WordPress you can easily create a Query to search all the posts on your blog. All you have to do is use the WordPress WP Query Class and pass...


Change The WordPress Howdy Text

March 18

The best thing about WordPress is that you can custom everything, any bit of text you see on the WordPress dashboard can be change. This means that if you are...

Show Urgent Messages In WordPress Dashboard

March 14

If you use WordPress dashboard then I'm sure you would of noticed the error messages that are displayed at the top. These will normally be messages from WordPress to let...


Disable Dragging Of WordPress Dashboard Metaboxes

March 13

When you log into your WordPress dashboard you are presented with numerous WordPress metaboxes. These allow you to display different bits of data about your blog which can be vital...


WordPress Robots.txt Optimization

March 13

The purpose of the robots.txt file is to direct search engines to where they can index and where they are not allowed to index. It is recommended by all search...


Create QR Codes For Your WordPress Posts

March 12

QR can be used by mobile devices to scan and get bits of data, they can even be used to display a web page. They are starting to become more...


Add Facebook Open Graph Tags To WordPress

March 11

When a link is shared on Facebook it will be crawled to get the page title and description. The way Facebook will get this information is to search for Open...


WordPress Widget Boilerplate

March 10

Here is a WordPress snippet to create your own WordPress Widgets. A Widget is a piece of PHP Code which will run when it is placed inside a Sidebar. A...


Use jQuery To Highlight Active Menu Item

March 8

If you are using menus on your web designs it's a common web design technique to highlight the current page that you are on to show you where you are...


Add An Edit Link On WordPress Posts

March 8

On my WordPress themes I always link to have an edit link at the top of the posts by the title so that if I spot a mistake with the...


Send Email To WordPress Author On Post Publish

March 6

Here is a great WordPress snippet for multi author blogs. This will automatically send an email to the author of the post once it has been published. It uses the...


Disable All WordPress Plugins

March 2

There are some times in WordPress development when you need to disable all WordPress plugins to proceed with your development. An example of this is setting up a multisite blog...


WordPress Blog Info Function

February 22

If you are a WordPress theme/plugin developer then there will be times when you need to get information about the current blog such as blog title or blog url. Using...


10 WordPress Snippets To Get Your Blog Stats

February 16

If you have a blog then most likely you would like to know the stats for your blog, such as number of posts, pages, comments, categories, tags etc. All this...


Highlight Posts In A Certain Category In WordPress

February 15

Every website has a main subject, something the website is focused on. For example this site is focused on web development tutorials. As there is a focus point is always...


Check If On Front Page In WordPress

February 13

In WordPress you can define a different page to be used as the front page for your blog. It doesn't have to be the index.php page it can be any...


How To Register A Sidebar In WordPress

February 12

In this tutorial we will learn how you can register a new Sidebar for your WordPress blog. The best part about WordPress sidebars is that you can use them to...


How To Turn On Debug Messages For WordPress

February 11

By default WordPress will turn off all debugging messages so the visitor to the site can't see any error messages showing anything wrong with the code. If you do any...