39 Lessons To Learn And Code


Bootstrapping your MEAN Stack application with Openshift, Kubernetes and Docker

The MEAN stack is a popular, open-source, full-stack JavaScript framework for building dynamic websites and web applications. By combining useful JavaScript modules such as MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. The...

April 10


But It’s Not Supported In IE

As a web developer or web designer most likely you've heard somebody say it's not supported on IE? Or worse it's not supported in IE6. I've had people say this...

September 25


Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Change

On April 21st Google have said that mobile friendliness is going to become a factor in the ranking in the search results. If you're signed up to Google webmaster tools...

April 5


Web Development With PhpStorm

A while ago I changed my main IDE from eclipse to Sublime Text 2. I really enjoyed working with it and even wrote an article about what it's like to...

May 14



Sometimes making a decision can be tough. Even when it's something positive and fun, like selecting a new theme for your website. Maybe you're not sure which direction to take...

November 3


WordPress 3.6 Oscar Released

The latest release of WordPress 3.6 has now been released, it has been in the making for some time now and has come with a number of great updates. All...

August 2


Version Control: Git vs SVN

All developers should of heard the term version control before, but you might not fully understand what it is or what benefits it can give you in your projects. In...

June 3


Today I Killed RSS

Today I killed RSS, well for me at least. I've always been a fan of the RSS reader, Google reader was my reader of choice, I've used it for years....

March 31


Web Development With Sublime Text

I've recently just changed my IDE for web development from Eclipse to Sublime Text 2 and thought I'll write a post about why I made the switch and what I...

January 14


WordPress 3.5 Elvin Is Released

Today WordPress has released it's next big version...Wordpress 3.5 is on the shelves and ready to be downloaded! After the most popular version of WordPress 3.4, 3.5 has a lot...

December 11


WordPress Hosting Thanksgiving Offer

A couple month's ago I was looking for a new hosting company for Paulund, it was a long search comparing some of best hosting companies available. I eventually decided on...

November 22


Explaining The Different HTTP Status Codes

When a URL is requested by the client to a server the server will return the resource and a HTTP Status code. The status code will let the client know...

July 14


Life After The Google Penguin Update

If you own a website or work on a website then you may of heard about all the changes that has taken place in the Google algorithm over the last...

May 5


How To Verify Author Ownership Of Your Content

Google have recently started to include Author Google profiles inside the Search Engine results. This feature also allows people to add you to their circles directly from the search results...

April 9


Paulund New Logo

April 8


How to Design a Stunning Website with Wix

With 78% of the U.S. population on the internet and a growth rate of over 150% per year, websites are becoming more important than a physical presence for many businesses...

January 28


How To Build A CSS Only Content Accordion Featured On Hongkiat

I am happy to announce that I have a CSS3 Accordion tutorial featured on Hongkiat. Hongkiat - How To Build A CSS Only Content Accordion

January 20


Get Your Own Social Media Widgets

Social Media is a massive part of the web, but driving people to your social media accounts is one of the main problems you have. What's the point of having...

January 13


Paulund Is Now On Facebook

It's been a long time coming but Paulund now has it's own Facebook page, which depending on the amount of people that join it will be the most updated page...

December 30


WordPress 3.3 Sonny Released

Today the new version of WordPress has been released, WordPress 3.3 is named "Sonny" in honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt and can be downloaded from or...

December 13


Use Different Styles For Different Internet Explorer Versions

If you ever built a website before then you will know the problems you face with trying to cater for all the different versions of IE. The problem with IE...

November 29


Syslipe Content Delivery Network Review

A slow loading website can be the difference in a successful website and a failing website. If the visitor of the website has to wait for a long time for...

November 28


5 Top Books To Learn PHP

Here is a list of 5 of the best books to start learning how to use PHP now. 1. Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic...

November 20


Using Interface And Abstract Classes In PHP

Interface Classes If you have done some programming before you may of seen the interface class be used before. The interface class is common in many design patterns. It will...

November 5


5 Tools For Real Time Web Analytics

Here is a list of tools to use to get real time analytic reports for the visitors of your website. Woopra Woopra delivers a complete suite of enterprise grade analytics...

October 23


5 Killer Tips To Choose Perfect Keywords

If you have created your own website and now have been looking for ways to drive more traffic to your website, this article can help you out. Your prime goal...

October 17


Now Accepting Guest Posts

I would like to announce that I am now accepting guest posts on this blog. At this blog I always want to provide high quality content, this can be a...

October 6


Real Time Google Analytics

The most popular web analytics tool is most likely Google Analytics, this is because it's free and loads of in-built features which allow you to see exactly what your visitors...

October 2


How To Remove All 404 Errors From Your WordPress Blog

First lets start by explaining what a 404 error is. A 404 error is the error code that gets thrown back from the server when the server can't find the...

September 17


Changing Permalinks On WordPress

Today I've have committed blogging and WordPress sin! I have changed the permalinks on my blog. But I have done it in complete confidence that it will not 404 any...

September 15


I Can’t Find A Place For Google+

I've been using Google+ ever since the first week it was put out for the public (by invite only). I can easily see the benefits of using it and it's...

September 12


10 SEO Terms You Need To Learn

If you work in the web industry or you have a website of any sort you will need to learn about SEO sooner or later. In SEO they refer to...

September 10


Cloud Computing for Web Developers

Before we actually indulge into the significance of Cloud Computing for Web Development, let us first try to understand what is "Cloud Computing" all about. You may have heard the...

August 23


Effective Use of Social Bookmarking On Your Blog

Introduction In this article I am going to be telling you what I have learnt about the use of social bookmarking on blogs.

August 17


Decision To Build A Custom WordPress Theme

When you first start a wordpress blog you need to choose a theme for your blog as the default theme doesn’t look very professional and will possibly make people not...

July 10


Reasons Why I Use JQuery Framework

A couple of years ago it looked like javascript was a dead language, it was slow, it was hard to debug and it was inconsistent on the different browsers. But then the saviour...

July 8


Creating A Successful Coming Soon Page

What To Expect From A Coming Soon Page When you first purchase a domain for your next web project, most of the time you haven't created the web page so...

June 26


25 Quick SEO Tips Every Website Should Follow

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a quick process or a guaranteed process and if anyone else tells you anything else they are lying. No Search Engine Optimization expert can guarantee you number position...

June 9


Decimal places in width using pixels

The other day I was designing a nice little tool which will drag and drop divs using the JQuery UI framework, the issue I was having was the difference in...

April 21