Formatting Exception Messages

Learning about how you can format exception message classes.

Running Xdebug In Docker Container

Learn how to setup phpunit xdebug in a docker container and run your PHPStorm tests using this docker container.

Using Tailwind CSS In Your WordPress Theme

In this tutorial we're going to look into how we can use tailwind css in your WordPress theme.

Easiest WordPress Development Setup

In this tutorial we're going to investigate what is the quickiest and easiest way of getting a WordPress site up and running for development.

How to use the .DEV domain name for your personal website with Hover

When you’re busy learning how to code and perfecting your craft, you can often forget about all the small projects and interesting software or web development you’ve done over the past while. Hover is here to present you with a plan for getting your personal website up and running now.

Composer Scripts

In this tutorial we're going to investigate how you can store common commands within composer, giving you some handy shortcuts.

Upgrading Laravel 6 - Using Arr And Str In Blade Files

Add array and string helper classes to be used in blade template files.

How to manage an image-heavy website using helps companies optimize, transform, store and deliver the images on their websites and apps. It comes integrated with a media library and a global content delivery network which automatically converts the images to the right format and allows transforms like resize, crop etc. in real-time by specifying them directly from the URL. It can also be integrated with any existing image server and storage so that companies at any scale can start delivering optimized images on their websites in minutes.

Laravel Testing Redirect

Learn how to test the redirects in Laravel using the example of assert redirects and the from method to change the HTTP referrer.

LetsEncrypt Certificates Failing to Renew

Learn how to upgrade LetsEncrypt to the latest certbot to renew your LetsEncrypt certificates.

Use v-model On Custom Vue Component

Learn how you can use v-model property with your custom components

JavaScript GroupBy Function

JavaScript helper function to groupBy a value.

How Silicon Valley startups run standups to keep their devs happy

Today many startups open their doors to the remote workforce., YC company based in San Francisco, is one of them. However, remote culture brings on the table its advantages and challenges. Stand-up meetings only seem like an easy practice, but many Agile teams face challenges with it, especially when going remote. Some developers even hate standups.

Display Human Readable File Storage

Use a command to display the human readable file memory usage.

Disable Laravel Model Events On Factories

Learn how to remove Laravel model events when using database factories