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Add Image To Your Plugin On

If you have a look at some of the biggest plugins on the Wordpress repository you will see that all of them have a banner image at the top of the page. Here's an example of some of the other top Wordpress plugins.

This is a featured which has only been around and it allows plugin developers to add a custom header image to there plugin on In this tutorial we are going to investigate how you can add custom header image to your Wordpress plugin. ## Add Image To Plugin

First you need to create your image, the image needs to be 772px x 250px this is so it will fit perfectly in the space provided on the plugin page. You don't need to add the title of the plugin as Wordpress will overlay the plugin title on the header image. Now you have an image you need to open up your plugin SVN repository and navigate to the folder where you have the folders branch, truck and tags. plugin-folder-structure From this folder create a new folder called assets, this is the folder you can now add multiple images to your plugin. Checkin this folder to your SVN repository. Add your banner image into this assets folder and name it banner-772x250.png or banner-772x250.jpg, Wordpress searches for images of this name to display as the header image. After this image is checked into the SVN repository your header image will appear at the top of your plugin page the next time the plugins refresh which can be a couple of minutes.