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5 Killer Tips To Choose Perfect Keywords

Keywords If you have created your own website and now have been looking for ways to drive more traffic to your website, this article can help you out. Your prime goal should be to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and improve your website’s SEO time and again. However, your efforts can go in vain, unless and until you learned the technique of choosing targeted keywords. Yes, its true that keywords haunting is a tiring and confusing experience, but one should understand that it’s one of the most significant parts of SEO. Your choice of keywords ultimately determines the future of your website, whether your website will get found or will bury deep within search engine results. Remember, keyword research can be easy with the right tools and right knowledge. Read ahead, to know a few tips, which can help you to choose the best SEO keywords for your website. ## Target Keywords

Target Your first and foremost duty is to ponder over the subject of you website and jot down all the keywords that come up in your mind. when you start to think about related issues, persons, object, goals. Put yourself in your clients' shoes and write down every possible and impossible keyword, which the visitors are most likely to use, when searching for the information that you have. You can consult your friends, associates or customers for a second opinion in this regard as well. ## Use A Keyword Tool

Tool If you want an expert opinion, get a keyword tool, which will offer you the most suitable suggestions of keywords for your website. You can take online help in this regard and can get some free online keyword tools. These tools can give you some useful suggestions like which keywords or phrases are the most popular now and which keywords are more likely to bring you the traffic you desire. ## Track Your Competitors

Competitors You must keep an eye on your competitor sites and constantly keep a track what keywords they use. Keyword tags in the source code are the best place to find these keywords. To check a particular website’s keyword click "Source" in your "View" menu. In case it won’t work, right click in a blank area of the website and click "View Source" from the menu that shows up. ## Use Pay-Per-Click

Banner If it is within your budget, you can use pay-per-click program as well. It will help you to determine how many impressions you are receiving from each keyword and eventually you can decide which search terms are the best for your website. Pay-per-click is an effective strategy, which can ensure that viewers will be able to locate your website through search engines. ## Use Exact Match keywords

Keywords Last but not the least, make sure your keywords are to the point, accurate and “exact match”, avoid information keywords or those, which are “broad match” or “phrase match”. To be more specific, ideally your keywords should be sub-niche keywords, which contain three or more words and are far less competitive than common keyword phrases, with high search volume. In order to reduce competition, stick with keywords which have at least 1,000 monthly searches, but not more than 1,500. ## About the author

This article is a guest post by : M.S who is a content writer and a financial adviser working with one of the largest MNC in the eastern part of Nevada. She writes on a variety of finance related topics with a special focus on debt which is her favorite subject.

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