10 SEO Terms You Need To Learn

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SEO Graphs If you work in the web industry or you have a website of any sort you will need to learn about SEO sooner or later.

In SEO they refer to lots of things which you might not understand. Here is a list of 10 of best known terms you will need to learn.

  1. SEO

    Better start with what SEO is, this stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the act of optimizing your site to achieve the best results for your website in the search engines.

  2. Title Tag

    The title of the page, this is what will be displayed on search engine result pages so make sure you put keywords in here.

  3. Meta Tag

    Used to tell the search engines more information about the page such as description field and keywords.

  4. Search Algorithm

    This is what the search engines use to work out which web page best matches your keywords in a search.

  5. SERP

    This stands for Search Engine Result Position, so if your site has a high SERP then your website will be displayed nearer the first page of the search results.

  6. Keyword Density

    This is the percentage of a word in your content. The higher the keyword density for a certain word the more likely the page is going to be about that keyword.

  7. Web Crawler

    This is what the search engines use to crawl all the websites on the web and index the content.

  8. Duplicate Content

    The act of having the same content on different pages. Since the Google panda update they have cracked down on duplicate content, it will now put you lower in the SERP for duplicate content.

  9. Canonical URL

    If your website has multiple URLs which have the same content the canonical URL is used as the master URL for the content. This is so the search engines won't index duplicate content and just the master URL content.

  10. Robots.txt

    This is just a file which will explain certain information to the search engines that crawl your site. You can tell them not to index your site or not to index certain parts of your site. You can even use it to direct the search engines at your sitemaps.

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